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 C30b/c32b DOHC Engines NSX FAQ

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C30b/c32b DOHC Engines NSX FAQ Empty
PostSubject: C30b/c32b DOHC Engines NSX FAQ   C30b/c32b DOHC Engines NSX FAQ EmptySun Feb 17, 2008 12:21 am

The first engine DOHC honda v6 engine and it came in an all aluminum 90 degree configuration with a small stroke to increase revs to 8,000RPMs and above. The first version came with 270hp and 210ft/lbs torque. The next version(97') used fiber laced sleeves with other slight modifications and output 290hp and 224ft/lbs torque. Other changes included:
Different exhaust manifolds, now stainless steel and free breathing
Increase of piston pin diameter from 22mm to 23mm
Larger intake valves, 36mm
Different head gaskets
Larger connecting rod bearings
Numerous emission control system changes

This engine was in a MR platform and contained a different differential to accomodate that. This engine cannot be swapped into any other honda/acura without serious modification.!

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C30b/c32b DOHC Engines NSX FAQ
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