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 DIY type 1 calipers to type 2

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DIY type 1 calipers to type 2 Empty
PostSubject: DIY type 1 calipers to type 2   DIY type 1 calipers to type 2 EmptySun Feb 17, 2008 12:24 am

Brake Conversion DIY

This is a DIY to replace front calipers on type1 coupe to type 2 calipers. You will NEED the type 2 bracket that the caliper itself is attached to if using a type 2/GS rotor(28mm thick)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If maintaining a type 1 rotor you will not need to.

tools: metric sockets(14mm,17mm,19mm???)
breaker bar
PB blaster(wd40)
10mm wrench/brake line wrench PLUS: easier with air tools
brake fluid
brake pads
brake cleaner
4hr estimated time??

*loosen lug nuts on front right, place jack and jack up and put stationary jack support under,--place ebrake first, place further weight behind rear tires to be extra safe...., do same to left side.
*take wheels off now
*spray bolts with pb blaster and let sit for 5-10min
*loosen brake line screw and other two bolts(you may need to turn steering to get at them)
* place bucket underneath and remove brake line screw, tie up with some wire to slow fluid drainage
* take out both bolts on caliper and tap caliper with rubber mallet to get off rotor

--do reverse with torque specs but with type2 calipers

pics included VVVVVV in order









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DIY type 1 calipers to type 2
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