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 JDM Navi DCC into USDM console (KEEPS THE EBRAKE!)

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PostSubject: JDM Navi DCC into USDM console (KEEPS THE EBRAKE!)   Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:40 pm

Acura Legend with a JDM navi digital climate control with navi trim and 7inch widescreen tv all put into a usdm console/dash.

Some might think this is a easy task etc. Well let me first give you a idea of what all was done. Being my car is a L model with non digital climate control. I had to swap to a LS climate control making my own harness etc. Once that was done I added the JDM climate control.

Once that was done the installing of the 7inch widescreen tv into the JDM navigation trim piece began. In japan the navi unit was only a small screen with buttons. Well most remove it and put in a 6.5 inch monitor, to me that looks tacky. So I started with a rare LCD (no casing etc) and started to fiberglass and mold the tv into the trim piece. Right now it sits flushed in and looks like one piece all molded.

Then came the unheard of first ever putting this into a usdm console. Normally you have to pay 500+ just for a beat up console and put it into your car which still isn't plug and play and makes you not have a emergency brake. And being in japan these cars were only automatics I didn't like that being I'm making my car a 6speed. So after a idea of just starting to cut/grind/beat into shape I have done it.

So with that I present to you the first ever JDM DCC into a usdm console.

Pictures of the console retrofited (paying 500+ for the console)

Now this is mine unfinished but to show it can be done.

Now time to finish it Smile

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JDM Navi DCC into USDM console (KEEPS THE EBRAKE!)
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